Cooking with vegetable oils release cancer-causing chemicals

Written: 10/12/2017 by Alun Biggart

Cooking with vegetable oils release cancer-causing chemicals

Do you cook your food with vegetable oils? If so then you may unknowingly be increasing your risk of getting sick. Look at the graph below where scientists show that heating up vegetable oils led to the release of high concentrations of chemicals called aldehydes, which have been linked to illnesses including cancer, heart disease and dementia.

I have written about the potential dangers of using vegetable oils for cooking before but I have not until now been able to find a graph / picture that show how unstable and unsafe vegetable oils are for cooking.


The graph above is a perfect example of the fact that no matter how hard we try:

We can’t out smart mother nature – it just doesn’t work and when we try to do so it has consequences.

Vegetable oils with the exception of olive oil are not part of our natural diet.

They have come on the market in the last 50 years due to 2 reasons firstly they are cheap to produce and very profitable and secondly due to the saturated fat phobia and scare mongering that has been going on since the 1960’s.

Luckily, we now know that saturated fat is not only healthy for us but it’s not the cause of heart disease. If this is new news for you then click her!

In addition, the healthy omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio in between 2:1 and 4:1.
Since the mass increase in the consumption of vegetable oils this ration has increased to up to 40:1.

This imbalance together with the modern-day consumption of sugar 70kg on average (in 1900 it was 0,5kg) per person is one of the major reasons why we are seeing so much cancer, heart disease and brain disorders today.

So, if you are going to use a vegetable oil then use olive oil for dressing and cook with butter or coconut oil as they are stable at high temperatures. AND never use Teflon nonstick pans when cooking they are lethal! Always use steel or ceramic pans.

Martin Grootveld, the chemistry professor who coordinated the study from which the above graph was produced stated “a typical meal of fish and chips”, fried in vegetable oil, contained as much as 100 to 200 times more toxic aldehydes than the safe daily limit set by the World Health Organization.

In contrast, heating up butter, olive oil and lard in tests produced much lower levels of aldehydes. Coconut oil produced the lowest levels of the harmful chemicals.

Concerns over toxic chemicals in heated oils are backed up by separate research from John Stein a University of Oxford professor, who claims that the fatty acids in vegetable oils are contributing to other health problems.

He stated as a result of corn and sunflower oils, “the human brain is changing in a way that is as serious as climate change threatens to be”.

Because vegetable oils are rich in omega 6 acids, they are contributing to a reduction in critical omega 3 fatty acids in the brain by replacing them, he believes.

“If you eat too much corn oil or sunflower oil, the brain is absorbing too much omega 6, and that effectively forces out omega 3,” said Prof Stein. “I believe the lack of omega 3 is a powerful contributory factor to such problems as increasing mental health issues and other problems such as dyslexia.”

Food for thought so to speak!


Cooking with fats (butter, lard, coconut oil) that are stable at high temperatures is one of the best and easiest investments you can make in your future health.

Olive oil is great for salads but be very careful of cooking with it and any other oils.

Again, nature knows best and will always be there to guide you.

Vegetable oils are cheap to produce and very profitable but with the exception of olive oil when consumed in the amounts they are today not healthy for us as they change the vital omega 6 to omega 3 ratio.

This has consequences for your heart, brain and nasty cancer producing cells.

So. enjoy your food and think about how you cook it in the future.

Bon Appetit!

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Maria D. Guillén, Patricia S. Uriarte. Aldehydes contained in edible oils of a very different nature after prolonged heating at frying temperature: Presence of toxic oxygenated α,β unsaturated aldehydes.



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