7 simple techniques to reduce your stress level now!

Written: 2/12/2018 by Alun Biggart

7 simple techniques to reduce your stress level now!

Is stress negatively affecting the quality of your life? Let’s be honest with ourselves in the crazy world in which we live more and more of us are struggling to cope with stress. So, is stress and issue for you? Learn some simple but very powerful techniques to help you live the stress free live full of happiness you deserve.

I know I have promised a lot already but you may be surprised at how easy it is to quickly and easily get great results in the stress department.

So, stop for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep relaxing breath and listen to your what your body and mind is telling you.

Are you stressed about:

• Money
• Your health
• Work
• Relationships
• Children
• The world we live in
• Etc.

Llets look at what you can do to reduce your stress you may have in your life and replace it with a big happy smile on your face.

Now even if you don’t feel stress is an issue for you what I am about to share with you now will make a significant difference to your health and happiness.

Simple but effective techniques to quickly reduce your stress levels

1. Sleep is number 1 – go to bed on time and feel so much better.

A consistent good night’s sleep is not only the key ingredient for successfully reducing your stress levels BUT is also the KEY ingredient that regulates your future health and happiness.

That’s why a good night’s sleep is the foundation of EVERYTHING I share on this website!
Click here to learn how to get a great night’s sleep every night.

If you go to bed consistently at 10 pm and get 8 hours of quality sleep, when you wake up in the morning you will feel amazing.

Now you may be thinking I don’t have time to go to bed at 10pm and sleep 8 hours. But that is not the point it’s not how long you are awake that is important it’s how much you get done in that time. When you are well rested you will GAIN TIME as you will be much more productive.

I play this music before bed time to help me relax and read a relaxing book for a few minutes.
Then when I have closed the light I use a few minutes to be grateful for all the good things I experience.

2. Gratitude works miracles at relaxing you.

Even just using a few minutes every day in bed before going to sleep being grateful is a great way to round off the day.

You can start with simple things, the food you eat, the cloths you have, your kids etc. I have experienced the more grateful I am for what I have like magic the more wonderful things pop into my life to be grateful for.

For a great start to the day use a few minutes when you wake up just lying in bed in gratitude bliss!

3. Nature is calling you

One of the things that is causing the most stress in our lives is the fact that we have lost contact to where we have come from and where we belong.

For many of us our relationship to nature is nonexistent. And this is probably stressing our species much more than we realize.

Remember how relaxed you felt the last time you went for a walk in the forest or on the beach. How did you feel?

Even just going outside for a few minutes each day touching and saying hello to a tree, feeling the wind blow away some stress from your skin and of course the healing power of the sun can naturally reduce the level of your stress hormone cortisol!

She is waiting patiently for you so go and say hello to nature today.

4. Winter blues: get some sun on your skin today

Many of us feel more stress in the cold, dark winter months and part of that is because our bodies are craving for some sun on our skin.

Especially in winter, even if it’s cold go out and say hello to the sun. You may also consider taking a quality Cod liver oil product to boost your levels of vitamin D.

5. Breath away stress and relax

Set an alarm on your telephone to go off a few times per day and use a few minutes to breath. Just getting oxygen into your body is so relaxing.

As you breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth close your eyes and give thanks for all the good things you experience.

The more you have your focus on what you are grateful for the less significant the “stress factors” in your life becomes.

Its an ancient law that has been passed down to us from the great teachers from the past and it basically comes down to this:

Man becomes what he thinks about most of the time!

20 years ago, when I learned this secret it literally changed my life overnight!

For more information on healthy breathing click here.

6. Qigong is my secret stress buster. And DROP exercise!

Meeting my Qigong master Robert Peng has literally been life changing for me. I am a very poor student and only practice a few minutes every day but even this small investment has made a significant difference to my health and happiness.

That is why I bring him to Denmark every year to share him with all of you!

Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation etc. are equally effective but be careful of exercising if you are in the danger zone with regards to your stress levels. 

While you may initially feel better after a run due to the feel “good hormones” flowing through your blood you need to be careful, very careful and make sure the stress of the exercise is not over stressing a body and mind that is over stressed.

So, if stress is an issue for you then you will have a better chance of feeling better faster by dropping the exercise until your stress levels return to a safe level and instead investing in some stress busting activities such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi or meditation.

7. Enjoy the journey and forget about the destination

Recently I took an online course with Professor Srikumar Rao.

One of the key things Srikumar teaches is that while goals are important, very important because they give you direction to your life and help you identify what is important to you.

Goals are actually secondary to achieving success and here is the Professor’s game changer.
His research shows the problem and flaw in setting goals is making your happiness depend on achieving your goals or dreams. Focusing solely on the outcome.

In today’s modern world we are programmed to believe if I achieve this goal or thing, then I’ll be happy.

People today are so obsessed AND stressed with the destination or end point, they forget about the journey and how important and how much fun the journey can be.

Srikumar shares with his students, you can vastly increase your chance of success in achieving your goals and what is important to you in your life by literally forgetting about the goal once you have set it and putting all your efforts into the journey.

Again, it’s the process, and not the outcome that is important and the key to your success.
So, enjoy the journey, invest in the process of working toward the achievement of your goals, by taking action every day and don’t get too caught up with the destination or end point.

In addition, by investing the process not the goal you will eliminate much if not all of the stress you may feel as you work happily to get where you would like to go.

This has made a big difference to my life, so much so that I have invited Professor Rao to Denmark to share his potentially life changing wisdom with you.

Conclusion 7 simple techniques to reduce your stress level now!

It’s really important if you are concerned stress is an issue for you then get some professional help now.

Don’t delay speak to your family, your boss, a stress coach who ever you feel comfortable with.

In the modern world we live in it’s easy to get out of balance.

However, the good news is if we do the simple things well then, we can restore that balance back into our lives.

Don’t underestimate the 7 strategies I have shared with you in this article they are potentially life changing.

Try them now, make then a habit and part of your daily routine and wait for the magic to happen.

You were born to be happy and stress free, it’s your birthright.

Go out and claim that birthright now.

I am proud of you!


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