What is the secret to be healthy, happy and living to 100?

Written: 1/4/2019 by Alun Biggart

What is the secret to be healthy, happy and living to 100?

Dear friends my Grandmother lived to be over 100. She knew the secret of the Fountain of Youth that modern science is now revealing to you and I. Today I will share with you a video my colleague Professor Bruce Lipton has just sent me. Yes, you can be happy, healthy with a razor-sharp mind well into your 100s. Ready to get started?

Bruce Lipton will be back in Denmark again in September 2019 as my guest but until then here is an super interesting video that may contain the missing link to the Fountain of Youth.

Now please use a few minutes to focus on Gratitude and give thanks for all the good things in life big or small.

And as Bruce explained in the video the emotional chemistry of gratitude engages the activity of an amazing enzyme – telomerase, the cellular equivalent of the Fountain of Youth.

So just by being grateful for the small things in life you can literally slow down the aging process and building health.

Expressing Gratitude = Increased Telomerase = The Fountain of Youth in every cell = A younger YOU

An attitude of gratitude is so powerful I wrote an ebook about it. You can download it here!

How do you incorporate gratitude into your daily routine to unleash the Fountain of Youth?

Here is a simple but incredibly powerful daily practice for you.

When you lie in bed at night before you close your eyes to go to sleep use a few seconds to give thanks for all the things you are grateful for.

I start with simple things like the food I eat, the cloths on my back etc.

Then I move on to giving thanks for my health, my family, the wonderful country we live in, the exciting time in history we are experiencing etc.

In my experience the more I am thankful for what I have the more good things I attract into my life to be grateful for! Plus, it’s an amazing way to end the day and only take s a few minutes.

Now when you wake up in the morning do the same thing. What are you grateful for?

Before getting out of bed I also ask myself how can I be of service. What can I do today for other people?

How can I make a difference to my family and my community?

I know it seems very simple but this exercise is incredibly powerful!

We live in a society where we are constantly seeking more, more, more of things that in many cases we don’t need nor do these extra things bring us any increased level of happiness.

This is also true of our children and it’s a very good thing as a family to involve kids in expressing gratitude.

Start at the dinner table for the food we eat, don’t take these simple things for granted.

Start now, this very second to develop an attitude of gratitude giving thanks for all the small things in life and then get ready for the miracles to happen.

What Bruce didn’t talk about in the video

When I meet Bruce again in September, I am looking forewords to asking him about sleep.

A consistent good night’s sleep is the foundation of what I share on this website.

So, is there any research that Bruce knows of correlating sleep to what is happening in the activity of the Fountain of Youth enzyme – telomerase and the telemores?

I bet a consistent good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to switch on the production of telomerase and activate the Fountain of Youth.

My grandmother knew this secret and lived to be over 100.

I was lucky to enjoy a very special relationship to my grandmother and she was such an inspiration to everybody who was lucky enough to know her.

She died a few years ago having reached 100 having enjoyed a long and happy life.

Here is the paradox she didn’t eat very healthily (lots of white bread, sugar, milk etc.) nor did she exercise that much.

But what she did that was so inspiring was enjoy all the small things in life.

She was such a positive person who gave thanks for all the small miracles she encountered each day.

I can’t remember hearing her complain she left that bad habit to the rest of us.

She was also good in getting quality sleep consistently.

So, despite not looking after her body in all departments her positive attitude, enjoyment of life’s small miracles and expressing gratitude for them helped her produce lots of telomerase.

The result being a long happy life and an inspiration to us all.


Science is proving what we have intuitively know all along.

Do the simple things well such as consistently going to bed on time, being grateful for what we have, feeding our bodies with food that is full of nutrition and life, moving, embracing nature and spending time in her company are the secret to a long, healthy and happy life.

Being grateful is free, easy to practice anywhere any time and as Rumi said:

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.

Go on get drunk tonight with an Attitude of Gratitude because you deserve it!

P.S.: Now that you are drunk with gratitude write down 10 things that you appreciate about yourself and the wonderful life you lead!

Don’t delay get that pen out now.

How do you feel?

It feels great doesn’t it.

So make gratitude at night and in the mornings a habit and wait for the magic to happen!

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